Testimonial- why our staff enjoy working at umhs

I love that we are able to help children and their families. I love that we give parents and children an early head start when it comes to their child's education. I love supporting my staff, seeing kids and making sure that families can receive the safest possible transportation to and from school!

I love helping families gain skills and strategies in nurturing and providing for their children. I love to be able to bring light and hope and support to each of them. There are many things I love about my job! Interactions with different people every day, helping people and making them smile, seeing children in the classrooms develop and flourish, and viewing our different facilities and classrooms. My favorite thing about working at UMHS is getting to see the positive effect we have on the children and families we serve.

UMHS offers their employees the chance to learn and grow within their field. Helping families in my community, problem solving, and getting to work with some of the best people! I love my job because everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to our mission. The ability to make a difference in the lives of others. First, I love my coworkers. They are great to work with. Always supporting each other. Second, I love talking to the clients and helping them achieve their goals. Seeing the children being a part of their day and watching them learn and grow. I love how we are building relationships with families and our community.